Lower Leg Injury Resource Center

Lower leg, foot and ankle injuries are commonplace and range from mild to serious.   The articles below  are intended to provide you a basic understanding of the injury or condition, enable you to identify if you have it, determine the severity, how to treat it and how to prevent re-injury.  Use these articles as a first step in educating yourself about your condition.  Always consult with your physician to confirm your findings.  We wish you a speedy recovery from your lower leg injury.

Achilles Tendon Rupture Info Center – Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

What to expect during an Achilles tendon rupture and tips for staying positive and active.

Below Knee Amputation Info Center – Surgery, Recovery, and Maintaining Mobility

Causes, surgery, recovery, and possible complications

Broken Ankle Info Center – Diagnosis, Treatment and Recovery

Types of ankle injuries, symptoms, Treatment, and Recovery

Bunion Info Center – Symptoms, Causes, Treatments & Surgery of Bunions

What is a bunion? Common symptoms, causes, and treatment options for bunions.

Broken Foot and Foot Fractures Info Center – Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

Types and symptoms of foot fractures with surgical and non-surgical treatment options.

Jones Fracture Info Center – Diagnosis, Treatment and Recovery

Common Foot Injury of the Fifth Metatarsal; Symptoms, Treatment, and Recovery

Lisfranc injury
Lisfranc Injury Info Center – Typical Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Background, treatment options, and rehabilitation tips for recovery of Lisfranc injuries.

1 plantar-fasciitis
Plantar Fasciitis Info Center – Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

How to diagnose, treat, and care for Plantar Fasciitis, plus helpful tips on prevention.

RSD and CRPS and the Lower Leg and Foot Info Center  –  Causes, Treatment, and Recovery

Causes, Common Symptoms, Treatment, and Recovery options for RSD and CRPS sufferers.

ankle sprains
Sprained Ankle Info Center – Diagnosis, Treatment and Rehabilitation

Causes, symptoms, treatment, and types of the common and painful sprained ankle.

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