iWALKFree Crutch
(Generation 1)

Our original iWALKFree (Gen 1) crutch was introduced in 2001. It ushered in a whole new era of hands free mobility.

The gen 1 iWALKFree crutch requires very careful attention in fitting and initial use. As good as it is, it doesn’t have the built in stability and ease of leaning of the iWALK2.0, so if you don’t plan on upgrading, follow the instructions very carefully. Learn about the new and improved iWALK2.0 here.

The discontinued iWalk generation 1

iWALK 1.0 Introduction



Get iWALKing in three easy steps

There are three important steps you need to carefully review before using your Generation 1 iWALKFree crutch

Find out more about iWALKFree (Gen 1)


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