By iWALKFree On Wednesday, March 11 th, 2015 · In iWalk-Free Blog

iWalk 2.0
I wanted to express my extreme gratitude for your product, the iWALK 2.0, and how it has helped me right after my Achilles Tendon Surgery.  I purchased the product in anticipation of the surgery to reattach a ruptured Achilles Tendon on my left ankle.  My other right side Achilles tendon was also surgically repaired 11 years ago, so I was familiar with the surgical and rehabilitation protocols that had to be carried out over the next few months.  The accident happened on a Monday and I knew the surgery would be happening in a few days so I spent a few days looking on the internet and phoning rehab/physiotherapy clinics for knee walkers and specialized crutches as I need to walk around a lot at home and at work.  It seemed there was nothing that was helpful for me until I came across your product during my meeting with my orthopedic surgeon and seeing it on display at the hospital fracture clinic.  They had the earlier version iWALKFree (first generation) model.  Your newer version is a significant improvement.

I ordered it immediately and the product was shipped and arrived the next day of my surgery.  With the helpful manual instructions and the video instructions from the website, I was able to assemble your product and configure it to my body size very quickly.  I was using the iWALK2.0 the same evening of the surgery.  It takes a little getting used to but after a few hours, I was able to walk around and have my hands free to do more important things around the house with my wife and 3 kids.  It really is an innovative product because it overcame many of the difficulties even with one day’s use that I remembered having to face with crutches for many months.  Crutches I will still need to use periodically, but your fantastic product will reduce its use significantly.

I work as a dentist and I will definitely recommend your product when I see patients with foot injuries to relay my experiences.

Thanks again for the quality product!

Dr. Andrew Lee

Newmarket, Ontario, Canada