What if you can’t use crutches? Try iWalking.

By iWALKFree On Tuesday, October 29 th, 2013 · In iWalk-Free Blog

 "I do not feel like I am limited by, or a victim of, my injury."

iWALK Lawn Care

"I recently purchased the iWALK 2.0 in preparation for ankle surgery.  I have been on traditional crutches before and am actually a master at using them, but could not use them this time as I also have an ulnar bone injury.  I tried forearm crutches but could not balance properly on them and found them nearly impossible to use.  While searching out knee scooters online , I ran across information on the IWALK 2.0 and was instantly intrigued. I LOVE my iWALK 2.0 – it was very easy to assemble and took seconds to learn to use.  I love having my hands free to go about my daily life, stairs are easy to navigate, there is no pressure or stress on my shoulders, arms, wrists or hands.  There is also no added pressure or fatigue on my good leg and I feel more stable with my iWALK 2.0 then I ever have with traditional crutches.  I do not feel like I am limited by, or a victim of, my injury.  In the beginning I had difficulty fastening of the straps so I sent iWalk an email. A customer service representative contacted me and explained that I was fastening my iWalk2.0 incorrectly, and instructed me how to do it properly  – and even followed up with me the next day to make sure it was going OK.  Now that is the BEST customer service I have ever experienced!  Now that I know the correct way to put on and take off my iWALK 2.0 getting in and out of it is a breeze that literally takes seconds- I was so excited the first day I knew how to do it properly I kept getting up, putting it on, walking around the house, taking it off, sitting down and then repeating – just because I could.  With my iWALK 2.0 my recovery is easier, I can still go about my daily routine and I am not dependent on others to do things for me – I would NEVER use traditional crutches again!  Thank you a truly wonderful product."

– Nadine M.