Walking Your Dog (and Yourself) with the iWALK2.0

By iWALKFree On Saturday, December 07 th, 2013 · In iWalk-Free Blog

iWalk-ing the Dog

“You can't hold a pulling dog on a leash with crutches” 


Thank you iWALK-Free for giving me back my life!  Byron, my 4 year old Brittany, is a bundle of energy and is used to going for his daily walk.  That all ended with crutches, and I don’t know who was more miserable – me or him.  With the iWALK2.0 I took my dog for a 35 min walk and then a 25 min walk, did a bunch of errands and housework.   The coolest part —  I can cook and even deliver my plate to the table. Previously I had to have someone deliver it or I just stand and eat. 

Julie Maul – Huntington Beach, CA



iwalkin the dog