By iWALKFree On Tuesday, April 14 th, 2015 · In iWalk-Free Blog

Golfing Golfing

I’m very active athlete. I was rock climbing when I had my accident, shattering my foot. It was debilitating. Being mobile with my hands free is very important.

After 3 months on crutches, struggling to carry groceries, a cup of coffee or anything else, I ordered my iWALK2.0. I was cautious at first but felt comfortable within the first few steps. My epiphany came when I was grocery shopping and could walk behind the cart! I realized all the things I could now do again, so of course then I went golfing that afternoon.

Facing months of non-weight bearing shouldn’t keep anyone down…thanks for a great product!

-Jeff Duff, 49, Tehachapy, CA