By iWALKFree On Wednesday, February 11 th, 2015 · In iWalk-Free Blog

"Do you see all the awards it has won?"

Tracy Conway

I work as a stagehand, it is a highly physical job.  I had an accident one night and broke my foot.  I ended up in a cast and on crutches.  It didn’t take long to figure out that I not only lost my foot, but both hands as well.  I have a good deal of upper body strength but the crutches took a toll on my arms, chest and hands.  Just making a cup of coffee and getting it to the table was an ordeal.  Cooking was impossible and takeout food became the norm.  I found the iWalk 2.0 while researching other unsatisfying options.  I watched a few videos, read a few testimonials and ordered one in less than an hour of discovering it.  Do you see all the awards it has won? 

I am very short, 4'8", and I knew I would have to adapt the iWalk to fit my stature.  Customer Service was a big help.  All I used was a hacksaw a drill and a pair of needle nose pliers.  The iWalk is a dream.  I can walk around, I don't need help carrying things, and I can finally clean out my car!  All the things that were too frustrating to attempt are now much easier to accomplish.  I was walking right away and it just gets easier.  Don't waste a single day on those archaic crutches.  Read the testimonials and watch the videos.  How can you resist the option of freedom and independence?

It works so great!  Thank you, thank you! This rocks!

Sincerely, and with both hands,
Tracy L. Conway