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Get's the Teacher Back in the Classroom

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

I am SO glad to have found this!

I'm sure you've heard from lots of people who have used the iWalk2.0, but I wanted to throw in my two cents.  I am SO glad to have found this thing! 

Here's my story:

Exactly one week before Christmas 2014, I tripped over a curb carrying some stuff to my car after work (I'm a teacher) and broke my foot.  It turned out to be a Jones Fracture–one of the only foot fractures you can't walk on AT ALL!!  With one day left of school before break, three active little boys at home (ages 6, 5, and 3), and the holidays approaching (including an already-booked and paid for trip to Seattle the week after Christmas), I was devastated and depressed at the thought of not being able to walk. I felt like I had ruined Christmas for everyone by not being to do all the things I had planned with my family once school let out, and now they were going to have to help me with every little thing.

I spent one week on crutches, crawling around on the floor, and pushing hampers of clothes up the stairs when my mom found an iWALK2.0 online and ordered it for me.  I was so excited when it came!  It was easy to put together and size.  The first thing I did was make my bed, which was close to impossible with crutches.  The iWalk made it possible for me to easily navigate the airport, get on and off the plane without a bulky boot or cumbersome crutches, and enjoy my trip.  Then, when school started up again, I was able to get back into my routine without too many changes.  I could pass out papers, write on the board, and keep the classroom organized, which is essential to my sanity as a middle school teacher.  Of course, the kids (classroom and biological) have helped out immensely and they LOVE my "peg leg," as they call it.  So, thank you! 

My orthopedist was impressed, too, as well as pretty much everyone I meet.  Thanks to the iWalk I was able to tackle a much-needed trip to Costco for family and classroom supplies.  Today was unseasonably great weather so we went for a walk as family instead of sitting in the house, staring out the window and watching everyone else play.  I could go on.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

-Sherry Siewert

Sherry Siewart