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"I'm self-employed and stopping my work was not an option"

iWALK2.0 is the only new product that's a whole new idea that acutally works. I fix things every day and have to put things together, so I understand the mechanics of things. You guys understand it too. I've analyzed it and it's an extremely well though out apparatus, which makes it even more of a bargain.

I'm self-employed and stopping my work wasn't an option. I'm a fishing and hunting guide. I also do a variety of repairs. I use it in my workshop every day. I use it on my boat. I can't be an invalid when I'm out there being a guide- I have to keep up with my customers. Your product has allowed me to do that. You gave me my life back!

I use it on mud, snow, hard floor, carpets, everything, even on the boat. The knee scooter wasn't an option.

Oh my God it's so easy to use. It goes on and off 30-50 times per day, noexaggeration, and it's no big deal. And because I work indoors and outdoors in the winter, I wear it with one layer of clothes, or 3 layers- it's so easy to adjust that this is no big deal too.

I almost get teary eyed when I think about the iWALK2.0. If I was on a scooter, I would have lost my house because I couldn't work. I can't say enough good things about the iWALK2.0. 

The only thing I don't like about the iWALK is that I can't milk the inujury and get people to pamper me like they did with the crutches or the scooter.

It's a hell of a product – I can't help but smile. I don't know what els to say but thank you to you guys.

-Eric Werner

Eric Werner