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Website Image-Jim Sears

I have to admit, when I first learned about the iWALK crutch I was skeptical.  It seemed like a good idea, but would it be difficult to learn?  Was it safe?   Would it hurt your knee or shin?   I try to be open minded, but my profession dictates that I exercise caution, especially when it involves new technology.

When I tried the device for the first time, my eyes were opened immediately.  When I was putting it on I was a little scared.   I was told to not overthink it and just walk, and I did, and the learning curve was literally a matter of seconds, which was a big surprise. I found that none of my initial concerns were valid – the device was comfortable, stable and very easy to learn.  I couldn’t believe how easy and intuitive it was.

Originally, I expected to fall at least once, but after only a few steps into it I felt totally stable. I couldn’t believe how stable it felt and I remember thinking, “Man, this is great!”

It felt like an extension of my own leg.  It also made me want to be a pirate.

It took me about five steps before I was totally confident walking on it.  While I was cognizant that I had a device strapped to my leg, and I was walking on a prosthetic, it felt oddly natural and intuitive.   In a couple of minutes, I was fully proficient.

Crutches are hated by everyone, and with good reason.  They hurt, they’re inconvenient and they deprive the user of a normal lifestyle because their hands and arms are unavailable for routine tasks of everyday living.   Knee scooters, now becoming more popular, are similarly limiting.  But the iWALK crutch eliminates the pain and brings back the use of your hands and arms, so the user can get back to their normal routine immediately.  The physical and mental well-being benefits are obvious.

The iWALK crutch works.  It’s simple, inexpensive and effective, and a massive improvement over conventional crutches.   For any of my patients that suffer a lower leg injury, I recommend the iWALK instead of crutches or scooters.

For my patients, iWALK crutch gives them a more natural mobility solution, it mimics their natural movement more than crutches or scooters, and keeps their hands and arms free to do their day to day stuff.  Anybody that tries this will prefer it.

For any physicians that are skeptical, I would say try it out for yourself, like I did, and you’ll be convinced just like I was.


-Dr. Jim Sears