Customer Spotlight for April 5th

By Behzad Rashidizadeh On Thursday, April 04 th, 2013 · In iWalk-Free Blog

iWalkWe received this testimonial from Robert in Ontario, and we couldn't help but share it!

He is the perfect example of our typical customer – he had a lower leg injury but didn't want to stop living his normal life because of it. With the help of the iWalk-Free, he didn't have to! Snow, street hockey, and stores were all possible with his iWalk! 

Robert on his iWalk

I’ve had two back to back ankle surgeries, two years apart. Both left me non weight bearing for 6 months, and in both cases I had to get through the Canadian winter. That means I used the iWalk-Free for a total of 12 months in the snow. To say this product performed well is a ridiculous understatement. I managed to live a normal family life. I ran a snow blower, played street hockey and walked the kids to school.I negotiated every possible aisle and store layout. The comfort and freedom I was afforded was beyond what I could ever have asked for. The iWalk gave me my freedom, sanity and independence unlike any other device I could find or have used, and I never questioned my balance nor my safety.

– Robert, Ontario