A Different Perspective on Recovery with the iWALK 2.0

By iWALKFree On Thursday, October 24 th, 2013 · In iWalk-Free Blog

We have plenty of examples of happy customers who use the iWALK to heal their lower leg injury, but today's testimonial is from a different perspective: the doctor and the spouse of the injuried patient. 


 “As a physician, I’ve never seen a device that does so much for the patient.”

"My husband recently suffered a lower leg injury and was facing a long non-weight bearing recovery using crutches and knee scooter.  Life without the iWALK 2.0 was miserable; we were all in a really bad place. I wanted to cry every day.  Then we found the iWALK 2.0 and everything changed.

A lot of medical conditions lead to depression, I see this in my practice all the time, and we were gearing up towards this, then he put on his iWALK 2.0 and he was back to his old self, enjoying himself, contributing to the family and back to work.  He’s able to do pretty much everything except run. 

It’s helped my life tremendously – I had to do everything, feed him, feed the kids, tend to his needs as he was physically incapable of doing it himself.  It was miserable.  I was looking at 12 weeks of this and thinking “I’m not going to survive this”.  Day one on the iWALK 2.0 he was up doing normal things, helping me cook dinner, going upstairs, putting the kids to bed, things he used to do before.  Now, he’s really happy, I’m happy, and everybody in our family is happy.  You can hardly tell he’s hurt.

It’s wonderful for the family.

My husband is pretty athletic, so I wanted to try it myself to see how well it worked.  It worked fine – I only had it on a couple of minutes and I went around the room, went up and down a few steps, walked on carpet, tile and concrete.  It was easy.

I’m most excited about the mood change I saw in him.  The boys named him “grumpy” (and they were right).   He went from looking like he was in prison with his wheelchair and crutches, to right back to being his old happy and content self with the iWALK 2.0. 

He’s back on the playing field with the kids.  And we’re going camping this weekend –  we’re going to stay in a tent!  That would be impossible with crutches or a knee scooter.

As a physician, I’ve never seen a device that does so much for the patient."

Dr. Gretchen Lorenz, MD

Piqua, Ohio

iWalk Camping
The happy family camping with the iWalk